STARS Scholarship

The STARS Scholarship Administrator is where Scholarship Administrators manage the scholarship process. Administrators can enter new scholarships, manage and award scholarships, review scholarship applications, and review and application information. Administrators can drill down into every aspect of an application online and generate detailed reports that help make those critical awarding decisions easier

Scholarship Management Software

Stars Scholarship Administrator

This page gives you access to the tools that will help you

  • Set up STARS administrative users and grant them access to the system.
  • Maintain student records, profiles and applications
  • Create new scholarships and specify the eligibility requirements
  • Review all applications submitted for each of your scholarships
  • Award scholarships and generate award letters
  • Make critical awarding decisions detailed reports
  • Customize STARS to suit the specific needs of your school
Scholarship Management Software

Finding Eligible Scholarship Recipients

STARS helps you review applications for all of your scholarships. Simply choose a scholarship to get a list of all student applicants. Stars helps you speed up the selection process by finding the most qualified students and bringing them to the top of the list for faster reviews. With a few mouse clicks you can drill down to see the detailed information about students applying for specific scholarships.

Scholarship Management Software

Review Applications Easily Online

Stars makes it easy to review the applications that come in. Once you have found a particular student you can access their application and information to help in the decision making process

Scholarship Management Software

Simplify the Awarding Process

STARS helps you organize scholarship applications and make critical award decisions easily. STARS helps you stay within your limits by making sure you don’t exceed the scholarship award limit amount.

Scholarship Management Software

Send Award Letters with Just a Few Mouse Clicks

Once award decisions have been made, send out the award letters quickly and easily using the STARS mail merge feature.

Scholarship Management Software

Creating New Scholarships Is Easy with Stars

To create a new scholarship simply go to the scholarships section and click the new button. Then name your new scholarship, fill in the appropriate fields, save your work, and you’re done.

Scholarship Management Software

Build a Questionnaire That Takes the Guesswork out of the Application Process

The Scholarship Questionnaire that you build will help to narrow down the many scholarship options facing the student and allow them to apply more efficiently.

Scholarship Management Software

Control Every Aspect of Your Scholarship Process in the Site Admin Area

From College Degrees to System Emails, Stars gives you total control over every aspect of your scholarship application system to easily meet with your institutions scholarship management needs.

Scholarship Management Software

Accurate Online Reporting

The Stars Reporting Homepage gives you access to a number of scholarship reporting tools to help you to better manage your scholarship processes.